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Wild West Adventures

We didn’t really have a great camera for the majority of our time in Perth but we did get to do a lot of exploring. We went up to Kalbarri and down to Albany and many places in between. But barely scratched the surface of this huge state!

Kalbarri was an 8ish hour drive north of Perth but a really cool little spot, we stayed in the backpackers there and then had a night in Geraldton in the back of the truck (we had just built the bed in it).

Over New Years we went down south for a week of camping in the wilderness with Emma, Sean and Eddy. First stop Margaret River. We camped in a random piece of bush on the first night as all the camp grounds were full then headed out to Chapman Pool for new years eve. Quite far out of Margaret River town but it had a fresh water hole to swim in so that was nice.

From here we went to Pemberton to climb the bicentennial tree, I got to the 25m bench and that was me done! It’s 80m high and there are no ropes or harnesses holding you in, just the pegs you climb up on and a little bit of chicken wire around the outer edge- freaky!! Sweaty palms and feet and probably not the best new years day activity. We then camped in the bush in Warren National Park which was beautiful.

Emma and Sean left us and we continued on to Denmark with Eddy, with a short stop through Walpole (it was rainy so we didn’t do any exploring here). In Denmark we drove onto Parrys Beach for a fish and ended up setting up camp for the night.

Albany has many picturesque beaches and we stumbled upon Little Beach which was absolutely breath-taking. The clearest ocean I’ve swam in! Water was a little chilly but that’s expected at the bottom of West Aus! Spent the day here and Eddy and Dan spent a few hours trying to catch dinner (unsuccessfully!). It’s a 4hr drive back to Perth if you cut through the middle instead of following the coast so we did that instead of staying longer. Such a refreshing week!

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