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Good morning Vietnam! We spent 2 weeks exploring the country in October 2014. Return fares with Tiger from Perth to Saigon via Singapore were just over $400 return each…That’s cheaper than an interstate flight in Australia.


We flew into Saigon for the first 2 days and did a half day tour of the Chu Chi tunnels.

Shooting guns…AK47 and M60, one of the guys working there didn’t even bother with ear muffs 😐 So much adrenalin coursing through you after hearing the M60 go off.

From here we flew to Phu Quoc, this island is quite small, has a few luxury resorts to the north but not much else going on. We stayed 1 night and flew out the next afternoon. The island is where the countries fish sauce is produced so can get a bit smelly scootering around! We did find a cool little waterfall though…


Straight to Hanoi after that where we stayed in the Old Quarter, went to a yoga class nearby (Vego cafe/Yoga Hanoi) which also has the most AMAZING cafe underneath the studio with delicious vegetarian meals and smoothies mmmmm.

The next day we got the 3hr bus to the port at Ha Long Bay to get onto our junk boat for the night. Cruised through the Bay, went kayaking, watched some illegal gambling and climbed to the top of a limestone mountain.

We met the most amazing Vietnamese couple and his business partner who were also on holiday. Although they couldn’t speak english we managed to communicate with smiles, hand gestures, laughs. He invited us to a private dinner (after our first dinner provided by the boat) of fresh seafood, beers and rice wine. He brought the rice wine from his home town of Da Lat. Such an amazing experience that really filled the heart up!

Hoi An

From here we spent the last week in Hoi An (my fave spot in Vietnam!) we had 2 days scootering, beaching and surfing China Beach before Dans parents arrived. Hired an old clunka of a board from the cafe on the beach and had it to ourselves.

They stayed in a resort right on the beach with the biggest pool I’ve ever seen! We scootered around from our place which was closer to the town and started our days here!

Scootered up to the Marble Mountains for a quick look then continued around to The Lady of the Sea which was spectacular, such an awesome vibe walking around it.

Scooter races in Vietnam…

On my first trip here (spent a month travelling through after graduating uni) we also went to Sapa, Nha Trang and Mui Ne which are also really nice places to visit, but Hoi An is definitely my fave little town 🙂 Maybe next time we’ll stop through and visit our new Vietnamese friend in Da Lat.


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