Oh Vienna you beautiful BEAUTIFUL city!!! Warning: this post is going to be full of exclamation marks and potentially capital letters because yes I am indeed yelling, it’s the only way I feel I can express just how amazing this city is!

Originally we were going to fly from Istanbul to Budapest first but the flights were quite pricey-even with the budget airlines. Turns out it was a little cheaper to fly into Vienna and with an airline which included free baggage- yay! Getting from the airport into Vienna is ultra easy by train and it’s super close. So getting to our apartment with Air BnB was made really easy, awesome, love easy trips when we have all our luggage (we don’t even have that much-1 x 70L backpack between us and 2 carry on back packs!).

We stayed in a gorgeous apartment with a kitchen – Yippee can finally cook our own meals again! But the best part was that it was right next to Belvedere Gardens. Only the most gorgeous gardens EVER (so far)!

It seems the moment we drop our bags we are charged with energy to get out and explore, so off we went to the botanical gardens via the supermarket for picnic supplies. Anddd we were starving so of course bought way too much food, over indulged and had to lay around for a while before we could comfortably move 🙂

Our apartment was walking distance into the centre and walk we did, with pit stops in every park possible! OH and we found a vegan ice cream shop- SO delicious!!! I had cookies n cream and lavender + blueberry. Dan had dark choc and milk choc. The ice cream is either made with coconut milk, soy milk or oat milk (they say which one is which).

Belvedere Palace

Belvedere deserves a paragraph on it’s own. We were heading home from the centre one evening with plans to wake early to get out and about before everyone else and then we spied Belvedere Palace. And OH. MY… 2 hours later we walked out!!! The moment you walk in a feeling of complete stillness and serenity wash over you. Like nothing I’ve experienced before! Stood there for a good while in complete awe that such a place exists! Since it was quite late, there weren’t too many others around-WIN. The museum was closed but all good- I was there for the gardens anyway!

There is a mirror installed on the upper level with a sign explaining its purpose next to it. It was quite entertaining watching people walk up to the mirror check themselves out and/or take a picture without reading the sign 😆 The sign reads: “With his art installation The Perfect Tourist, Hubertus von Hohenlohe invites both Viennese citizens and tourists to capture the magic of Belvedere Palace in a perfect photograph. Frequently tourists concentrate on collecting photographs or on handling digital devices, while reality moves out of focus. However, those unaware of their surroundings will not be capable of reproducing the spirit of a particular place in a photograph.” Which I LOVED! Touche Hubertus, touche.

Schonbrunn Palace

Another amazing must see is Schonbrunn, absolutely massive. You could spend hours getting lost here!

OH the grandeur!!! Even the light posts had crowns on them. SO much detail, everywhere you look. They also play live music from the opera outside on a screen in a park with seats for FREE. Unfortunately it was raining the day mozart was playing on so we didn’t make it 🙁 🙁 Obviously we’ll have to go back-WOO!

Picturesque. Beautiful place, 3 nights wasn’t long enough! Already looking forward to the return visit. 

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