Here are a few travel hacks, useful hints and tips that have made our travels easier/more interesting/fun 🙂 We’ll keep adding to this page as we keep wandering. If you’re curious about anything we’ve done/have any questions then leave a comment or shoot us an email ( and we’ll get back to you.

1. Booking Cheap Flights

How we find the best deals for our travels! Booking flights

2. Workaway

The volunteer website we have used through Europe and Africa, working for a few hours doing various tasks in exchange for food and accommodation-Workaway Guide

3. Bla Bla Car

Pretty much legitimate hitchhiking, really popular in Western Europe- Bla Bla Car

4. NZ Passport in the EU

How to legitimately spend longer than 3 months in Europe with a kiwi passport – Staying longer than 3 months in Europe

5. Savings tips

Savings tips to help get you away/stay away for longer!  Saving Tips

6. Organising your Finances

How we organise our money for travels- short term and long term! Organising Finances

More posts coming very soon 🙂