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Total Spendings

How much money do you need to travel the World? Something I asked myself and Google multiple times before setting off on this adventure… Read on to see our total spendings for the past 1year and 7months on the road.

For a detailed cost breakdown head over to our expenditure tab. We share it all for each country we visit –> Expenditure. This is pretty much spot on however doesn’t include our flights and any spendings such as new shoes etc that we may purchase along the way.. Not that we really spend money on things aside from transport, accommodation and food!

 How did I budget for our travels?

Well google did help a lot, look up something basic like hostel prices or beer costs in a country like France or Sri Lanka and compare it with home for a very loose idea. How much you need depends entirely on how you like to live and what you want to be doing (obviously)!

Our Budget

I budgeted $20,000AUD per person per year. Our first leg consisted of Europe, Africa and Asia, 24 countries and our total spendings was just under $20,000AUD each ($19,876 to be precise). Pretty stoked with that, Dan spent $16,000 in 6 weeks through Europe on his first trip with a friend! And that is easier to do than you’d think… If we didn’t do the tour in Africa it would be at around $18,000. I honestly expected to spend $20,000 in Europe alone so was stoked when we left well under budget.

 How to Save?

We both had jobs that allowed us to live well AND save on top of that. Check out our top saving tips here –>  Saving Tips.

Grand total to date

What you have all come here for!  Our total spendings to date for the 2 of us including our recent trips- NZ return, Bali return, the trip to Perth AND our upcoming flights to Colombia is (rounded nicely) $46,000. Compared with the cost of living in Perth this is pretty damn good! Would we do it all again? HELL YEAH! If you ask us, $46,000 is a small price to pay in exchange for what we have seen and experienced. We would more than happily do the same again! No better way to spend our money if you ask us 🙂

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