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Surfing Perth

A few snaps of surfing the Surfing Perth, the wild West Coast of Australia…It very rarely gets good and is always ridiculously crowded here. Generally you can find some surf most weekends. We had one weekend of incredible waves at Trigg Beach (A smidge north of Scarborough).

Surfing Perth, Sun Surf Soul

Handstand practise

Afternoon session


Floreat beach also breaks as a shorey if the swell is big enough and on low tide can get fun.


Lancelin is about a 2hr drive north of Perth and the surf can get good from time to time up here too. With a 4WD you can drive along the beach or its just a short walk from the carpark if not. There’s always a left hand break at Yanchep (40mins North of Perth) but it gets crazy crowded there. In general if you want good surf you need to head south to the Margaret River region (2.5-3hrs drive south of Perth) and it’s much more consistent.

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