Quick stops through Sevilla and Madrid before and after Morocco. 2 days in each is just far too quick to get a real feel for a place but we have a few snaps to share none the less! Sevilla is a beautiful city, we got a 2.5hr bus from Portugal through to Seville which is where our flight to Morocco was from (for very cheap!) I want to spend a good few months in Spain, but all in good time….andddd during summer.

We stayed close to the bus station and city centre, in another air bnb which was our first disappointing one to date! The house reeked of cigarette smoke and the hosts hotboxed it all night but ya know can’t always win with these things! We were pretty knackered so didn’t go overboard with the touristy things and just wandered about thinking about all the delicious spanish food to eat 😛

OH MY GOD TAPAS IS AWESOME, we had amazinggggggggggg meals (ate out for every meal so it was a pretty expensive 2 days!) but soo good. Tapas is probably a nightmare on the digestive system with so many different food types to try and break down but oooh the taste buds had the most amazing time! If you find yourself here you absolutely must visit Brunilda, (thanks to Big T and Caitlin for the recommendation), you have to line up before it opens at 8pm- it’s that good and you may have to wait a little bit but trust me, it’s SO worth it. Nomnomnom.This small slice of Spain is gorgeous, and plenty of history/culture to check out!

After Morocco we flew back into Madrid, we flew in and raced through the airport to catch the second half of NZ vs South Africa in the rugby world cup-phew! I’ll share a post shortly on how you can spend longer than 3months out of the 6months you’re supposedly allowed in Europe under the Schengen Agreement (sorry Aussies this is only for the kiwis out there!)To be honest I was a little nervous that they wouldn’t let us back into Spain when we flew in but the guy barely even looked at us and we were straight through.

Spain, Sun Surf Soul

We stayed in Lavapies, and there was a food and beer festival going on so they streets where full with people sipping beers and eating tapas all weekend long! We had a really cosy place again through air bnb which is smack in the middle of everything. We wandered around a bit but it was nice to just chill and rest up! The only big tip we have for Spain at this stage is don’t sit outside when eating at the restaurants, musicians will wander up play for you/fellow diners then hand around the hat- they actually are really good performances so you hand over a few bucks, 2minutes later another group walks up and so on until suddenly you’ve just paid the equivalent of your meal in tips just for the street artists!

From here we flew to Cape Town (you can’t fly from Morocco down…have to go back through Europe, or as we did via Dubai) 18hrs later we arrived into this epic city where we spent 3 weeks before heading to Knysna for another workaway experience!

Here are a few fun facts about Spain:

  • Spain was the 3rd most visited country in the world in 2013
  • The national anthem of Spain has no words
  • The Eiffel tower was originally intended for Barcelona but it was rejected
  • 43% of the worlds olive oil production is done in Spain
  • Over 16,000 religious festivals across Spain are said to involve animal cruelty. About 60,000 animals die every year during them :'( Perhaps reconsider your trip to Pamploma and the running of the bulls…

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