From Kraków we got a bus into the Czech Republic then onto a train to Prague (through the same company so it was super easy and really good-wifi,tea,coffee and biscuits on the bus! Leo Express is the company if you’re wondering. Arriving into Prague (Praha is the real name!) we then jumped onto a tram straight to our apartment, ahhh thank you Europe for making it so easy to get around! The apartment popped up last minute on Air BnB and was quite cheap! Just across the Charles Bridge and under the castle. Prime spot.

We take it easy now when we arrive into a place! Get some groceries, kick back and figure out were we want to go and what we want to see etc.

How cool are all the colourful buildings! Because everything was really easy to access from our place, we walked everywhere, except by this stage our legs were well and truly worn from all the walking so we started seizing up after a few kms! Lots of resting in cafes/parks, and it was temperamental rainy weather so the perfect excuse for cafe hopping 😛

We climbed the tower of the St Vitus cathedral which overlooks Prague, definitely got to do that if you find yourself in Prague. I only noticed you could climb it from when we were looking through the binoculars on top of the dancing house, haha!

And here are a few facts about Prague:

  • It is 496km2 (78, 866km2 entire Czech Republic)
  • There are 1.21million inhabitants
  • It is 180-400m above sea level
  • 1230 the Old town was established (you can walk through there still today!)
  • 1989 velvet revolution, demonstrations against communism resulting in the collapse of the communist rule.
  • 1993 Czechoslovakia splits and the Czech Republic is found!
  • There is a 550yr old beer house whose dark bittersweet lager ferments for 6months in an oak barrel- its 11.8% alcohol!

🙂 Was a really neat place to visit! 🙂

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