Hello! Sorry for such a massive gap between posts. Things got a little busy on the road but now we are settled for the next month in a surf lodge in Vieux Boucau, South-West France (it’s freakin EPIC but more about that later!) butttttt I have now found a spare minute between surfs and beach yoga sessions to share some pics! Yay!


SO back to Poland. Cold cold Poland. Shouldn’t have sent my jacket and boots home from Vienna, pretty chilly here but we managed ūüėõ We jumped back on the Orangeways bus from Budapest to Krakow and 5ish hours later arrived into zee freeeezing cold! Quick walk to our accom which was in a prime location. We were directly opposite what I thought was a massive park but turns out it has a huge old town right in the middle of it. A pleasant surprise

Everything in Poland is CHEAP, so so cheap. We were having massive meals with drinks and dessert for roughly $15 for 2 of us! Mmmmm food comas all the time. Walked all around the old town and down to the river and stumbled upon a random medieval type festival which was entertaining. Krakow was a really neat city, enjoyed our time here and glad we stopped through!


We did a day trip to Auschwitz which was horrific. The biggest cemetery ¬†in the world. So hard to believe something so horrid actually happened and not even that long ago…The barracks have been converted into ‘museums’ which showcase the terrors these poor people went through.

Pictures of the prisoners line the walls, there is around 200kg of human hair in one room, 1000’s of shoes, spectacles, teapots/pans, baby and kids clothes, suitcases with names and addresses on them.¬†The starvation was crazy, set to work for 11hrs a day on barely anything.

Most of the kids were gassed to death straight away, something like 220,000 kids arrived and less than 70,000 left.

Poland, Sun Surf Soul

Doctor Mengele carrying out horrific experiments on camp inmates. Horrid. The worst of all was walking through a gas chamber and seeing the furnace where they cremated the bodies, full body goosebumps and felt sick to the core.

We also bused over to Birkenau, the bigger of the 2. Walked along ‘death road’ 1.6million innocent people murdered between the 2 camps. Here we walked through the barracks where over 700 people would have been crammed into. There were no toilets. our guide was saying you can picture the conditions but you could never begin to imagine the smell. Faeces and urine trickling through the bunks and humans.

I think concentration camps are a must see, I visited Dachau my first Europe trip so was not overly thrilled to be returning but Dan had yet to experience one. Glad we did it but my goodness am I thankful for the way we live today.

Such heinous cruelty. Some seriously twisted¬†people out there. You’d hope the world has learnt by now.¬†I began to believe the lucky ones where those who were killed upon arrival. I couldn’t survive something like that, even after liberation, there’s no way the¬†mental/emotional and physical scars could never heal from such brutality. The feeling of being there was eery, if you have the opportunity to visit I definitely recommend it. We went through Krakow City Tours for about $50 each (roughly), you can also get a bus from krakow out there (1.5hrs) and do it yourself.

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