My Ruby Girl

Rest in peace to the most amazing little dog a girl could ask for. It’s so unfair and horrible how you went but my heart is so filled of love from the 8.5 years I had with you. I still remember the day mum and dad finally let me have a dog (it took 2 years of pleading!) and we got to go pick you up. You could fit in the palm of my hand. You were so precious!

Especially thankful that I got to spend the last 4 weeks solid with you all day every day. I still think I see and hear you around the house and still feel like you’ll be there with your tail wagging at a million miles an hour at the door even if I’ve only been gone 10mins.

You were one spoilt pup but I wouldn’t have it any other way, home cooked gourmet meals as well as food scraps from our dinner each night, beach trips 2-3 sometimes more times a day and a warm bed with humans to snuggle each night. You were never left alone for more than a few hours but the radio was always left on for you to sing along to when you were. An avid gecko hunter, swimmer, stick enthusiast and surfer girl (my fave to watch) with such a charismatic personality.

Such a smart little thing, with a mega love affair with your squeaky balls.

Now I never know if someone comes to the gate and the postie is definitely missing you barking at her. The geckos are still around but dad is doing his best to get rid of them- you’d be proud.

The hammock is lonely without you and going to your beach will never be the same. I’ve started a stick collection of ones I know you’d love and will weave them around a pot plant I know you’d like to dig up. It’s weird not having you watching over and partaking in the yoga sessions, you had the moves down pat, especially your down dog to up dog.

I wake up still expecting you in the bed or to hear your little footsteps running in and leaping onto the bed if you’ve been out for your morning check of the garden already. I miss how good you smelt and how you’d stare me down if I put my bikini on because you know that means it’s beach time. I love your loyalty to Dan by never going to the beach without him and vice versa with me. I found all your puppy pics as well as about 800 others, my little muse. It’s like a chunk of me has been torn out, my little companion and biggest fan.

Such a sweet sweet soul and you’ll be missed more than you could ever imagine possible. “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend clearly never owned a dog” Love you forever and ever and ever and ever my little baby Rubes xxx


  1. Mumsie

    My heart is still breaking and always will. But you Tegan were the best mumma Ruby could have ever wished for and I know she had the best life . xxxxxxx

  2. Aunty P

    Tegan, my heart goes out to you. Ruby was the coolest, happiest, and very brave doggie. It was neat to watch you two grow up together and observe the mutual devotion. Tegan your tribute is lovely. My heart goes out to you. Thank you for sharing these memories, she will not be forgotten. Px


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