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Thought we ought to begin the blog with where our first travels together began, to Lombok, Indonesia. Flights from Perth to Bali are ridiculously cheap, if you can get AirAsia on sale you’re looking at about $220 return, Garuda and Jetstar also fly there.

We arrived late and spent the night in Bali before getting the ‘fast boat’ to Senggigi, Lombok the following morning. *SIDENOTE* I would not recommend the fast boats, MUCH quicker and more comfortable to fly to Lombok and probably the same price if not cheaper. After a few hours we arrived at our accommodation right on the beachfront with a KILLER pool. So naturally we kicked back, swam and hired a motorbike to explore the area (always the best way!)

We organised a day dive trip to the Gili Islands, which was pretty neat. SO many fellow divers but saw a few turtles, lots of fish and a sunken boat that was teeming with life. Gili T was gorgeous, loved that there are no cars on the island.

Ahh Asia I love how you operate, beach chairs with food and drink service, a few steps to warm water, what more do you need?

Southern Lombok

From Senggigi we made our way to the bottom of Lombok to a place called Gerupuk. This area of Lombok is what I imagine Bali would have been like 20years ago. So cool! The road out to Gerupuk was a dirt track and we had to stop on a few occasions to let the water buffalo cross.

A map of Lombok, showing where the Gili Islands are, Senggiggi and the southern town of Gerupuk where we stayed
Green Star- Gili T
Purple Star- Senggigi
Yellow Star – Gerupuk

We stayed in the most amazing bungalows that I would absolutely love to replicate..If I ever settle down, grow up and buy a house! This is the link to the bungalows click here 

Inside our beach bungalow, all open plan living, wooden floors and mosquito nets over the bed

Here you can get a little wooden boat from outside your door to take you to the surf breaks out front (Outsides and Insides), the bungalows also have a surf guide/teacher if you are wanting to learn.

View from the boat on the way to the surf, surfboard just fits in the narrow fishing boat, blue skies and green ocean

And of course we hired scooters to explore, explore, explore, and stop for the occasional bintang to quench the thirst.

Holding up a large bintang on the beach with the ocean in the background

««Terima Kasih Banyak! »»

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