‘A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.’

– Lao Tzu.

Our favourite kind of travel is the slow, digest every little bit we can kind. We love to spend as long as we can in countries that we fancy, so generally we stay for as long as our visas permit. It’s safe to assume if there is good surf, good food and good people we’ll be there for as long as possible!

Where will we be in 2016? I often ask myself the same question…The idea is to head to South America 🙂 Let’s meet up! We’re thinking September onwards. Oh, we’ll also be hitting Indonesia for July/August. ➹

Where have we been? 2015  was spent travelling through Europe, Africa and Sri Lanka. Click on the country-if we’ve been it will take you to the post about it, the list is ever growing!


London, Wales, Ireland, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, GermanyPoland, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Spain


MoroccoSahara Desert, Cape Town, Zimbabwe, Botswana & South Africa


BaliLombokVietnamSri Lanka