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From Wales we got the ferry to Ireland, it was a perfectly calm day for boating (yay!) and we were over the sea in just a few hours. The ferry departed from Fishguard and arrived in Rosslare where we got a bus to Dublin (via Wexford). Jumped on a bus the next morning and got to Bundoran on the West Coast to spend the next few days at Bundoran Surf Co.

We really wanted to hire a car and drive around Ireland. It would have been the best way to do it but being 24 we couldn’t hire a car without paying exorbitant insurance fees (minimum drivers age is 25). The bus system is good but they are lengthy trips, we used Bus Eireann and bought tickets online after planning the journey.

So Bundoran gets good swell which is why we made the trip over there. The water temp is about 10degrees though! Dan went out for a surf and I took pictures from the warmth of my blanket on the hill 🙂

Sunset over the beach in Bundoran, vibrant green moss covering the wet rocks, a huge rocky outcrop int he distance to the right and the orange sun setting lighting the sky up

It’s a cool spot, but if there if the conditions aren’t right for the surf there’s not much else to do. We tried to go for a skate but the wind was so cold I got an instant ice cream headache! There are a few places nearby but if the weather isn’t right you won’t see much anyhow. Bundoran Surf Co where we stayed was sweet, a nice kitchen and lounge to chill in and private rooms.

We ventured back to Dublin as the surf conditions turned onshore and rough and checked into Abbey Court apartments. Hostels aren’t that cheap in Europe (you’re looking at about 20-30 euros a night for a bed in a big dorm). So unless you’re travelling solo it’s not that good value. We paid a little more for the private rooms but wouldn’t recommend the place.  There was no wifi (you could use the hostels but it was useless) and was quite noisy but I guess you can’t avoid that being central Dublin. The location was good but it would be cheaper and just as easy to stay just outside of the centre and use the buses or train to get into town.

We wandered around most of the city centre and walked to Phoenix Garden which was neat, buttttt it started to pour down after not too long. The weather was so fickle!

We decided to head to the Guinness Factory to escape the rain and it was SO COOL! I really don’t enjoy Guinness but the factory was really neat! And Dan got to finish my pint as well as his own 🙂 Definitely recommend it.

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