Great Barrier Reef – Cairns

At the end of March we spent 3 days on a liveaboard dive boat on the outer reef in Cairns and it was SO MAGICAL. We stayed at Yorkeys Knob when we arrived with the most lovely lady through Air BnB, she went above and beyond and picked us up from the airport, cooked us dinner and dropped us back into Cairns the next morning too, THANKYOU! Her house was awesome and super close to the beach. We went down for an afternoon swim (in the designated stinger nets so we didn’t die of course) and then again for sunrise the next morning. Couldn’t believe the water temperature though- by far the warmest sea water we’ve ever swam in, must’ve been about 30 degrees.

We went through Cairns Dive Centre, 3 days/2nights with your own private room and bathroom, all meals and dive gear for $560 each. We did 10 dives including a night dive and Dan and Grete got their advanced licenses on board for $90 (I did the exact same trip 3 years prior so already had mine). Such good value for money! Met some awesome people on board too 🙂

It takes about 2 hours to get to the outer reef from Cairns and then once out there we hopped from dive spot to dive spot. One site was a little murky as Cyclone Nathan stirred the silt bottom up but every other spot was top notch.

The water temp is 26degrees at the bottom so all you need to wear is a funky blue stinger suit (the stingers in North Queensland can kill people…crazy) with a hood and gloves.

Tegan in a T shape suspended by the water, bubbles blowing heading to the surface, full blue stinger suit on

The pictures and videos don’t do it justice, the colours down below are so mesmerising as is the sea life. We really needed a red filter for the gopro to show the colour better- will be purchasing one for future dives! We saw a plethora of fish, turtles, sharks, stingrays and such intricate, colourful coral.

The night dive was wicked too, once the spotlights from the boat are turned on you can see the Giant Trevally feeding and leaping out of the water-it’s a little eery jumping off the boat! We saw 3 sleeping turtles, a lion fish, crayfish and parrot fish sleeping in its mucus bubble (they blow a protective mucus bubble around themselves when they go to sleep at night, clever thangs!). Pretty magical jumping in the water before the sun rises and seeing it brighten up from below..

There was about 50 videos so Dan mashed a few together, check out the end result 🙂

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