After each country we visit we upload our cost tracking spreadsheet to show how much we spent and in what location. I broken our spendings into 2, one for our expenditure during voluntary gigs and one for our expenditure as tourists. If you missed the post on the voluntary work we find head over to Workaway and have a read 🙂

If you are curious about what we spent after 1 year and 7months on the road, we shared a post on our total expenditure! Including everythingggg! Have a read here-> Total Spendings.

*All costs are in Australian dollars*

Our income was in Australian dollars so I convert everything to this. I have applied a flat conversion rate for each currency which is stated next to the spreadsheet, if for example you want to see costs in Euros divide the totals by the conversion rate I used. We hope this will give a rough idea of what you can expect to pay for things such as accommodation, food and transport in various countries.


Flights are very subjective and for this reason they aren’t in the spreadsheet below. Still curious about the total expenditure on top of the accommodation, transport etc, read our total spendings post here -> Total Spendings.

TRAVEL COSTS AS ‘TOURISTS’ May 2015- January 2017

Here we have shared how much we spent while holiday-ing around the place*. You could do it cheaper with accommodation and food but we like having our own place and being within walking distances to the sites we want to see, not to mention tasting the delights of each country.


Click to enlarge the spreadsheet. Again if you missed the post on workaway, check out how to work in exchange for food and accommodation all around the world here: Workaway. You are in control of what you spend your money on in these places. In Portugal we did a few touristy things and hired a car etc. In Knysna we did 2 long weekends away. Of course you don’t have to, but we want to see and experience as much as we can while travelling! The saving of not having to pay for accommodation and food makes this much more possible too.

SUMMARY OF COSTS May 2015- January 2017

Here we have shared the overall summary of our costs from May 2015- March 2016, combining tourist and workaway figures.  Once again, if you are curious about our total spendings for EVERYTHING from May 2015 until August 2016 have a read here Total Spendings.