So Croatia has blown our minds!! I’m not 100% sure why but it is nothing like I imagined! It’s even better!!! Lush mountainside meets beautiful sea… Fantastic!

Looking out through the trees over the ocean a boat in the distance and mountains too. A few clouds in the sky


From Dublin we flew into Zadar and our Air BnB host picked us up to take us to the apartment (Legend). I freakin love Air BnB, I think if you’re booking well in advance they can see how many people are looking at certain dates and jack the prices up.. But for us not knowing where we will be in a few days time and having no plans has really worked! People generally tend to drop their prices significantly just to fill the rooms. Yay, spontaneity pays off in this case! So we are managing to score sweet deals, touch wood this keeps happening!


We get to this private apartment that’s just a quick walk to everything and Mario (host) tells us all these things we’ve got to do and see while here. Number 1 being hire a car and head to Plitvice National Park. WOW. Seriously, just enjoy these pics and imagine being amongst it. MAGICAL STUFF!

Thought I was going to die on the drive out there, Dan did a really good job driving on the opposite side (and only drove down the street the wrong way once when we were almost home!) but I definitely didn’t help the situation so it was a bit of a nervous 2hr drive out there (yep we got lost-no sat nav and the main highway was closed) but we survived.

Ahhhmazing! I would highly recommend spending a night out there! In saying that we got there at about 3.30pm and all of the tour buses were leaving so there weren’t too many people left wandering around- BLISS! The park closes at 8pm so we still got a few hours soaking up the scenery. Ticket entrance is $20 but that includes the use of shuttles that drop you at different points and the boats.

Back to Zadar, I think most people tend to stay near or in Old Town which is really neat but we stayed just out of it in Puntamika, you could walk to Old Town from there (1.5ish hours along the waterfront) and we would’ve if the weather was sunny but it was a 5min bus ride so we did that, easy peasy Japaneasy.

There is a sea organ in Old Town which is such a simple concept yet soooooooo cool. The tide underneath pushes the air through the steps making the music. An afternoon well spent wandering around these parts.

The sea organ steps, looks like harmonicas but huge and as steps


Got the bus from Zadar to Split which took about 2hrs. Again scored with Air BnB being very central to everything and still cheap.

Walked around the beaches and park then hired bikes and cycled around the Marjan.

Such an epic city! Can imagine it getting quite crowded during the middle of summer!


After a few days detour through Mostar, Bosnia we got to Dubrovnik….Absolutely incredible spot!

***If your time is limited in Croatia, head for Split then island hop your way down to Dubrovnik!***

There is also a national park near split if you miss out on Plitvice (it’s called Krka). Our Air BnB host picked us up from the bus station (yet another legend) and took us to the apartment which was about 300m to a BEAUTIFUL beach and maybe a 10min walk to the old town. Primeee spot.

The beaches are mostly pebble here but it’s actually quite comfy suprisingly. The pebbles warm up too so after a swim in the freezing cold Adriatic laying on them is niiiiiice.

Edwin and Nate met us here and we explored the place with them. Walked the city walls and wandered about Old Town.

Enjoyed Fort Lovrjenac with a bottle of wine while watching over the old city until it closed. I’m sure all the avid Game of Thrones fans will know it’s filmed here!


From here we got the bus and ferry to the Island of Korcula which yet again blew our minds. We stayed in a traditional stone house in Lumbarda with an absolutely breathtaking view over the vineyards and veggie gardens to the ocean. So in love! The croatians are very resourceful and it seems that every garden space is used for growing some sort of produce. Yum!

We hired a boat for the day which between the 4 of us worked out to be only a tiny bit more expensive that hiring bicycles.. We had a fantastic time motoring about the islands and finding neat places to swim.

Nate and Eddy left from here and we decided to extend our stay and soak up this island even more. Relocated to the centre of Old Town and explored all around these parts 🙂

Pretty magical sunsets here.

Back to Dubrovnik by the ferry for the night then out the next day to Istanbul via Belgrade for a night.

If Croatia isn’t on your travel bucket list, you should probably add it…Just Sayin’

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