Carnac Island

About a 10min boat trip from Rockingham, Western Australia  is Carnac Island. A nature reserve inhabited by A LOT of tiger snakes, sea lions and dolphins. We are lucky enough to have awesome friends with a boat who were keen for a day trip there (LOVE you Ness & Darchy).

After a quick trip out on a prime summers day we arrived! There didn’t seem to be too many sea lions in the water but we spied plenty on the beach. Sea lions look like severely hung over humans beached on shore, but are super curious when they venture into the water to play. It’s quite freaky to begin with, a sea lion coming straight towards you, but they are just like big friendly dogs. Surprisingly, there weren’t many other people around and apparently not many people head over there. Darchy was telling us about all the great whites that inhabit the area on the way to the island. I was holding on for dear life on the boat trip back haha!

Here is some footage we got at Carnac Island of the playful creatures 🙂

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