“My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure, golden grand piano, my beautiful castillo, oh you, OOOOH for you I’d leave it all...” Play the song while you scroll through our pics 🙂 Budapest is divided into Buda on the west side of the river bank and Pest on the East, together forming Budapest 🙂

What a cool place! Cycling through the old fancy buildings, stopping every so often to stare for that little bit longer. Budapest is a compact city but a very fun one at that 🙂

Budapest, Sun Surf Soul

We cycled/walked/sweated it up to the top of the hill to the citadella which has a 360 view overlooking everything, what a rewarding trek!

Basically cruised around everywhere on the bikes that were included in our Air BnB place which was SO cool, the beds were loft style and it was just a mad spot to kick back. Buda castle is a neat way to spend a few hours wandering about too, looks really magic lit up at night.

Boiling hot but that was all good, then we got some rainy weather which was all good too! Nice to be indoors for a while to recalibrate.

Cycled around Margaret Island which was actually really neat, there was a singing water fountain which was (lets call it) perfoming, water spurting from different jets to the tune of “Time to say Goodbye” haha so random.

This is the 3rd largest parliament building in Europe (apparently). We take turns at playing ‘tour guide’ for each country/city we visit. Every place has it’s own quirky bits and pieces and it’s a bit of fun sharing the facts and talking about what you’re looking at. Sooo facts stated on here may or may not be 100% true (wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source). Let’s hope they are 🙂

Szechenyi Baths, Budapest

There are over a thousand thermal water springs in Hungary and over 70million litres of thermal water rises to the surface daily. So of course we rode up to Szechenyi baths. They are the biggest thermal baths in Budapest. Of course we were eager to soak in the healing waters. Website here Budapest Baths. The thermal spas range from 28-38 degrees with different pools at different temperatures. There is also a massive outdoor one that’s 28degrees. It’s pretty pricey $25 each to go in but I think people spend a whole day there. You can get massages (have to book in advance so no massage for me 🙁 ) and there’s food/beer/drinks for sale too. Cool experience! P.S bicycles are our transport method of choice in a new place!

Oh and you’ll all be pleased to know that Laszlo Biro was born in Hungary. He was the inventor of the modern ballpoint pen “biro”. Give him a silent (or loud) word of thanks next time you write something 😛

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