Bosnia & Herzegovnia

From Split we detoured through to Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovnia. It was only a 2hr bus trip so why not! The main attraction here is Stari Most which translates to Old Bridge. It’s 21m high and they hold the red bull diving event here…We saw a local jump off into the icy 12 degree water brrrrr. It gets pretty crowded during the day but if you wake up early enough (6am) even the locals are all still in bed 🙂

We stayed walking distance to the town centre but did a half day trip out to Blagaj on the local bus. Pretty neat spot.

Then we hiked Hum hill (actually we cheated-got a taxi up and walked down). It was a 10km walk down though and with no shoulder on the road a little scary at times. Worth it though!

Old, abandoned sniper huts are still up on the hill. Because of this apparently you aren’t meant to stray off the track as there could be unexploded land mines around…

Food and drink is about 1/2 the price of Dubrovnik. Accommodation can be a lot cheaper too, we were in an apartment and it was about $30 AUD a night. Worth the trip if you can spare the time.  Apparently Sarajevo (capital) is beautiful too but we didn’t make it that far. Thanks Mostar 🙂

Stari Most at night- Magnificent

The stari most bridge lit up at night.

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