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Our guide to booking cheap flights is finally here ūüėÄ Head over to our ‘Flights’ page and start planning¬†your next holiday! –>¬†Flights

I have a bit of a random method to finding and booking cheap flights but pretty much 9 times out of 10 our skyscanner link is the cheapest! Here’s our how to use guide-

  1. Delete your browser history, make sure you check the boxes to clear your cookies¬†and empty the cache. Apparently it’s a myth that sites can see what/where you’re wanting to fly to and increase¬†the price. Im not convinced..better to be safe I say.
  2. If you don’t know where you want to go then¬†have a look through our blog for some ideas¬†ūüėõ ¬†–>¬†Travel Blog
  3. Once you know what country you want to visit then search away through our site, click here -> Booking Flights! As per the screenshot below, if you enter the country it lists all the airports.  Generally the main airports are going to be a lot cheaper to fly into..It even lists the airports in order or popularity, easy! Also double check the currency in the top right of the screen.
  4. I say generally it’s a lot cheaper to fly into the main ones because this isn’t always applicable in Europe. The super budget airlines (Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizzair to name a few) tend to fly into the airports that¬†are¬†a little smaller and a little (lot) less convenient..While the cheaper fare may seem worth it at the time, the taxi/hassle to get into the city may counteract the airfare saving. Have a look and weigh it up ūüôā
  5. Enter in your dates, number of passengers and hit search. You may have noticed in the smaller print that it is powered by SkyScanner- this is because we love it and use it for pretty much all our flights!
  6. For us we order our results from lowest price first.
    Flight choices
  7. Then we add the filters.
    Booking cheap flights, Sun Surf SoulHave a bit of a play around with the filters- they are pretty self explanatory!

    Max Stops-

    We prefer to pay the extra money (if its possible) to fly direct or the shortest route possible.

    Times –

    We also like to leave the country at a reasonable hour..this is particularly useful if you need to take into account work commitments.


    Enter in the maximum price you would pay.

    Duration –

    How long you would like to spend getting to and from country of choice. Similar to the  Maximum Stops filter.


¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Airports that you transit through.. We don’t really use this one but it could be handy!


Tweak your filters until you are happy.. I have applied the number of stops (maximum 1) and the total duration (maximum 15hrs each way) filter.¬†¬†And BAM for $221 I can fly from Perth to Vietnam return. SO CHEAP. You can’t fly Perth to anywhere domestically for that kinda price… Click the ‘Flight Details’ (in the bottom left of the screenshot) to see¬†the flight information.¬†Filters applied

Flight Details-

Hit the ‘Select’ orange button under the $221 sign it will direct you to the site that it is cheapest for you to book! WOO


I’m still in a bit of disbelief that you can fly from Perth to Vietnam return for $221!!! If we were still living in Perth I know where we’d be going…again ūüėõ


Sign up for each airline you fly with!!! A lot of airlines codeshare, take for example Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines. We booked our first flight to London through Virgin Australia so we could accumulate the virgin points AND the flight was operated by Singapore Airlines, win (Singapore airlines is so nice)! Double check which airlines are in alliance and sign up to the frequent flyer programs accordingly..You never know what may happen in the future. Most of the programs are free to join-so do it!

Qantas Frequent Flyer loophole –¬†I’m not sure¬†if they still charge you to join. However, if you sign up to Everyday Rewards through Woolworths¬†they¬†will give you qantas frequent flyer membership for free!¬†ūüėÄ

If you have points that are about to expire then head over to the airlines online store and spend them there! We normally save our points and use them for free flights..and have had many! Dans return from Bali, about 3 flights between Brisbane and Perth, Brisbane to Auckland. So good!

Other Tips

Play around with the dates, it’s generally cheaper to fly mid week.

Keep an eye out for specials, I get emailed promotions almost daily!

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