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Incase you haven’t been here in a while, our blog has had a complete makeover!! All prepped and ready to go for our upcoming¬†adventures in South America. We hope you like the new look as much as we do ūüėÄ If you are feeling a little lost never fear everything is still the same!

Social Medias-

? Facebook

We now have a page which will update automatically as we share posts on the blog, like the page and it will pop up in your newsfeed  ?

Sun Surf Soul Facebook page

? Instagram

If you are a part of the world of Instagram our travel account is @sunsurfsoultravel and we’ll be sharing pictures from somewhere we’ve been in the world daily (We are currently in Bali!?) ?

Sun Surf Soul Instagram page


We created a new¬†channel specifically for the blog and moved our videos across. Don’t forget to subscribe here¬†?

Sun Surf Soul youtube channel

? Twitter

To anyone on twitter our account is @sunsurfsoul ? (We’re still pretty fresh at this!)

Sun Surf Soul Twitter

Navigating the Blog Update –

It’s pretty much the same blog just the toolbar is along the top instead of in the middle.But here is a brief description of each section-
Home! Here you will find a little bit about us, our most popular posts, a cool as tally¬†of the number of countries/flights etc so far and if you keep scrolling a few of our travel hacks! Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom if you haven’t already!¬†

Travel Blog- This is where all our posts live. Starting with the most recent¬†at the top, scroll down and click whichever tickles your fancy. There’s also a search button in the top right, you can search from any page if you are looking for something in particular!¬†

Travel Hacks- Where you will find our hints and tips we’ve learnt along the way!¬†

Countries- An easy categorisation of the countries we have visited, hover over¬†the drop down, choose the continent and select which country you would like to read about ūüôā Alternatively click on ‘Countries’ and it will take you to where we have been and where we are heading!¬†¬†

Countries drop down Sun Surf Soul

Expenditure- Sri Lanka was the last place we kept track of our spendings. We will start sharing our spendings again when we hit South America.

Last but not least, the ‘About’ section and why we started off on this epic adventure!

Thanks for all the love and support so far, we can’t wait to share more of our travels with you all¬†?


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