Sooooooooooooooooooo we don’t really have any photos of Amsterdam and I have no idea how much money we spent while there…..However, I think this is what is expected with a trip to Amsterdam…

We have both been to Amsterdam before and I really wanted to try and make it to Anne Franks House since I didn’t last time buttttt again it didn’t happen! (The lines are huge and the online ticket sales were sold out). Sorry Anne, I thoroughly enjoyed your diary though!! We did head into Vondel Park though and that was nice 🙂

We were actually there to support Dans good friends Sam O’dea and Mike Watson representing NZ in the world volleyball champs! They are a tight group and I think this was the first time in a long time all of the lads were together and I totally crashed the lads week, sorry guys! Big thanks to Edwin for finding an apartment big enough to accommodate all of us! And a massive congrats to Sam and Mike for being a part of the world champs!! Watched all 3 of their games and they ended with a win which was really awesome to be there for! Another big thanks to Sam for organising the T-shirts! Definitely the loudest support crew in the audience 😛 Basically the only pics we have are of the volleyball!

Amsterdam, Sun Surf Soul

The stadium was smack in the centre of Amsterdam which made it easy for heading out/wandering around/getting lost after games 🙂 There was a lot of drinking and celebrating and general Amsterdam antics 😉

The Van Gogh museum is super cool and both Dan and I visited on our first trips to Amsterdam so we didn’t go again but definitely head there if you find yourself in Amsterdam. I also recommend a river cruise or hire your own paddle boats and do it yourself (be careful of the big boats though!) and of course cycling around is a must! Thanks for the memories guys 🙂

Here  are a few fun facts about Amsterdam:

  • It has a population of 820,000 and around 15-20millon visitors a year
  • There are 600,00 bicycles (There are bikes EVERYWHERE, I love how Europeans cycle everywhere even though the weather is generally not that great most of the time.. Love the enthusiasm)
  • 25,000 bikes end up in the canals each year (not sure where they get this figure).
  • There are 165 canals.
  • 1515 bars
  • 1281 bridges,
  • 232 trams
  • Schiptol (airport) is 4m below sea level :O

From here we flew to London, flight and then train delayed but still managed to pick up our surfboards albeit very late (THANK YOU KRISTEN!!!!) Then flew from London to Biarritz the following day, to our current home in Vieux-Boucau, France. Très Bon!! Living the sweet life here and will share some pics soon 🙂 Loving you all from a distance xxx

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