20 Hours in Serbia

We had a few options with getting from Croatia to Turkey…Option 1: Bus to Montenegro for a few nights, overnight bus to Nis-Serbia, then another overnight bus to Sofia-Bulgaria. Spend a night in Bulgaria then bus into Istanbul. Or to save a few days and fly. 

Statue in the centre of the town, flowers in a little garden and a man on a horse with a big white building behind

Option 2: Fly to Istanbul via Belgrade with a 20hr lay over. A little bit more expensive than all the buses combined but we decided to go ahead with this option so we would have more time, which is of course more important than saving money.

We land in Belgrade and are told to get the 72 bus to the city…If you ever find yourself in the same situation DON’T DO IT! Get the airport shuttle, I think its twice the price ($3 instead of $1.50 ha) but well worth it. 72 is the local bus and it stops everywhere! Took about an hour to get to the city centre but once there it was a quick walk to the apartment which was so lush. Everything here seems to be really cheap.

With the time we had we walked through town and woke up super early to walk around the fortress and through the city…beautiful! Quite a bustling city too. Well worth stopping through and wish we had had a few extra days here!

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