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How to Spend Longer Than 3 Months in Europe – VISAS

*This post is only good for NZ citizens/those who can acquire a kiwi passport! Sorry Aussies!* 

If you are planning a Europe trip/any trip I hope you are aware/have researched the visa requirements for where you are going! It’s the departing countries responsibility to ensure you have the right visa for where you are going, so if you haven’t done your homework you may not be able to depart the country… Also your passport needs to have more than 6months left on it, including the time spent overseas (eg. If you have 9months left you can only be away for a maximum of 3 months). Basically it expires 6months before the expiry date as no one will let you go anywhere with less than that, so be sure to double-check that. (Pics from google images!) Continue Reading